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TimeLaspe's Test Results

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TimeLaspe's Test Results

Post by (SquareEnix) Dragon on Sun Jan 12, 2014 1:37 am

Raysworn (testee) vs Gadgets (tester)

Attitude - 18/20

Throught most of the duel, your attitude was good; my only disconcern was the "damn" you siad at the end of the 1st game. -2

Deck Build - 15/20

This is a different build of Raysworn from most of them I've seen, even from my own. However, there is room for improvements. There is nothing wrong with going over 40 cards, my best build of lightsworn had 48 in main deck.

Skill - 8/20

You didn't side, and when you face a deck like gadgets, you need to side. Your side deck could use quite a bit of work. Both me and the watcher (whom I was PMing the entire duel) saw severeal plays you could have made that would have won you the 2nd duel.

Ruling knowledge - 10/10

Perfect on rulings, jsut some bad plays.

Misplays and Corrections - 4/10:

As I explained earlier, there were quite a few plays you should have made that would have won you the 2nd game. For instance, popping one of my backrow with Lyla, it would have saved some of your life points and given you some card advantage. You also left a 600 atk Trag on the field in atk pos, even though you didnt atk with it, you should have turned him to def pos. That way i couldn't have used Ark Knight to take it.

Result of Duel - 0/20:

(0/20 for winning no duels

Total: 55/100

Ra Yellow -50-79

Welcome to Ra Yellow[/color]

(SquareEnix) Dragon

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Re: TimeLaspe's Test Results

Post by Crow Hogan on Sun Jan 12, 2014 2:23 am

Tested and topic locked

Darkened squalls, Become the wings that soar from resolved HOPE!!
I Synchron Summon Black-Winged Dragon.... Dragon..Use all your powers..To Finish what we started before attack with "Shadow Squall Blast"...!!

Crow Hogan
Crow Hogan
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